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Specialty : I lean toward Realism and Illustrative designs, though I do a lot of Portraits and pieces with landscape elements.  I especially enjoy the dark and macabre or the surreal.  I do either color or black and gray, and try to apply what I feel will work best for the concept.


My Method:  I like to ask my client "What do you want your design to say, do, or represent.  What does this tattoo mean to you?"  I find answering those questions gives me and my client a more concise direction with which to work.  I then design the tattoo based on these answers using symbols and artistic illusion to best represent my client's desires.

Greatest Influences : Nearly every artist I have ever come across or viewed their work has influenced me.  Here is a list of some of my favorite artists, or people who directly or indirectly taught me alot: Leonardo Da Vinci (and contemporaries); Salvador Dali; M C Escher; H R Giger; Mark Ryden, Danato Giancola, Bart and Pepper Andrews, Guy Aitchison (his book is very informative), and a vast number of other tattooers and artists of various mediums.